Hi, I’m Ayesha (or Heaps),

I’m a 28 year old kiwi and former restless teenager who blossomed into an (even more) restless adult. Instead of living my entire life settling within a series of bleary coffee breaks, blinking computer screens and confined to a desk job – I made the decision to live well below my means for three years. I stopped buying all the junk you think you should have, used the time to pay of $30,000 worth of debt and saved everything I could before leaving my job.

In 2016 I found myself in the desert, at the edge of the Mexican border, with all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail stretching out in front of me. My first attempt at a thru-hike. I arrived 120 days later in Canada, rumpled and filthy with what felt like the whole world in my hands. I cherish every dirty, exhausted, joy filled moment of the experience I had during that one long summer spent in the dirt below the stars. I still carry so many lessons it taught me and in fact it continues to teach me every single day since.

Since then I have sweated my weight out on a bike tour across South East Asia, vomited in a squat toilet in the Nepalese mountains on the Annapurna Circuit and continued to seek out anything in life that I can find that can grab with both hands in order to shake up everything I know all over again.

This year I will be returning to my beloved Pacific Crest Trail to walk down the dusty path once more on the great northern migration to Canada, but this time I will be taking along anyone who wants to come along with me via this blog.

And then? Who knows? I don’t know where I will end up next, but I promise you it will be a surprise, even to me.